The Process

The following process will give clients an idea of what to expect while working with landscape architect Sheridan Jones. Each project is unique; therefore, the process may vary based on your needs. Sheridan works in two phases. Phase One consists of planning and design while Phase Two focuses on implementation of the design. The Phases are inseparable.


On-Site Consultation

This complementary on-site visit provides an initial meeting to discuss your needs and consider your vision of the project. During this visit, Sheridan’s role and fees will be thoroughly discussed.

Site Assessment and Inventory

This is an evaluation of existing physical, biological and cultural site amenities, resources and limitations.

Design Development

After developing the initial design, we will discuss the components in detail together and decide on a course of action.

Presentation of Final Plan

Once all modifications have been made to the designs, the final plan is presented to the client for approval.


Request for Contractor Bids

The next step is requesting bids from contractors who are best suited for your project. These may include, bids from area landscapers, nurseries, perennial or wetland flower experts, builders, and masons.

Implementation of Plan

After the necessary contractors have been confirmed, Sheridan will then be available both on-site and off-site, to assist in coordination of the project.