Sheridan’s dedication to landscape architecture would not be complete without current knowledge of sustainable or green design. Sustainable practice means protecting the delicate balance of natural systems on your property. It means re-using and renewing your existing resources. It means encouraging a self-sustaining environment using natural methods verses application of costly pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. We will develop a landscape that embraces visual aesthetics and is ecologically and environmentally responsible. After an initial site assessment, we will discuss goals and strategies specific to your site.

Suggested Goals

  • Habitat and biodiversity preservation.
  • Waterfront erosion prevention.
  • Water efficient landscape designs.
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Maintain a self-sustaining landscape, free of pests and disease.

Strategies Used In Achieving Goals

  • Soil improvements.
  • Proper maintenance & scheduling of an efficient irrigation system.
  • Planting native species.
  • Filtering and using water run-off.
  • Use organic supplements for site maintenance.

Whether your project is on the waterfront, in the dunes, or deep in the native woodlands, together, you will develop a plan to conserve your resources.